We're only nine days away from the end of spooky season.

That means you've got 9 more days of fall celebrations before everyone's minds shift from pumpkin spice to Christmas cookies. Don't even mention Thanksgiving, everyone immediately goes to get their Christmas tree on November 1st, so Thanksgiving's basically a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top of the Christmas season (sad, but true).

So, in order to get your fill of the Halloween spirit, here's a list of 9 films you should watch with your family before 'Elf' is on constant replay on your television.



  • 1

    It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    Of course, we had to kick off the list with THE CLASSIC Halloween movie. Families everywhere have been enjoying the story of the Great Pumpkin from the Peanuts Gang since 1966. Honestly, any holiday should be celebrated with the corresponding Peanuts movie.

  • 2



    If your kids are old enough to not be terrified of a zombie guy in a striped suit, you HAVE to sit them down to 'Beetlejuice'. That dining room table scene is ICONIC.

  • 3


    Disney's Coco is a story about a little boy as he discovers his family's history and legacy during Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico. The music and message are great, but be prepared for a hard tug on your heartstrings. Check out the trailer:

  • 4


    While we're on the topic of Disney, you can't leave out the legendary DCOM, short for Disney Channel Original Movie, Halloweentown.

    If you're a millennial, chances are you called "dibs" on the TV when you saw that this was scheduled to come on at 8pm around this time of year. Well, it's now streaming on multiple platforms, so you don't have to wait for Disney Channel.


  • 5

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? Personally, I think it's both. Jack and Sally are STAPLES as couple costumes even still. While Halloween wouldn't be complete without a little shower rendition of 'This is Halloween', you can't get into the Christmas spirit without singing 'What's This?'.

    So, at the risk of losing your mind over which holiday is appropriate to view this one, just watch it for both.

  • 6

    The Addams Family

    "They're creepy and they're cooky, mysterious and spooky..."

    You know the rest. 'The Addams Family' (no matter which version you prefer) is the perfect Halloween family film to watch for Halloween. They're creepy and funny at the same time. Also, Wednesday is the ultimate bada**. Halloween isn't always about princesses and mermaids, after all.


  • 7


    He's the friendliest ghost you know, so it'd be pretty rude not to introduce your kids to this super cute spirit.

    Side note and totally unrelated; not to piggyback off of 'The Addams Family', but anyone else notice how often Christina Ricci pops up on any list of Halloween flicks?

  • 8

    The Haunted Mansion

    Based off the ride at Walt Disney World, Disney's 'The Haunted Mansion' has also become, sort of, a classic for this time of year, too. Take a spooky house, ghouls and ghosts, and the comedy stylings of Eddie Murphy and that's the film.

  • 9

    Hocus Pocus

    You can't even put the words "Halloween" and "Movies" in the same sentence, let along next to each other in the same sentence without the title "Hocus Pocus" following somewhere close behind.

    Starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, Hocus Pocus is still super popular among kids and adults alike. It's taken the top spot on every list of Halloween movies for YEARS now. It's even safe to say the Sanderson sisters have become a cult classic.

    The sisters, Allison, Max, Dani, and Thackery Binx all MUST grace your TV screen before November hits.

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