Can you believe it?  We have made it to Episode 19 of 94 Seconds With Nicole!

Welcome to Episode 19 of '94 Seconds With Nicole!'

So I stumbled upon a new bar in Atlantic City that plans to try a new premise: Self-Serve Bars.

Customers can only self-serve through their automated beer wall where people would still need to show their IDs before drinking and there would be constant supervision. 🍻🍻

However, does the risk outweigh the reward

Sending humongous thank you's to the multiple interviewees:
1. Juan Santamaria, owner of River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar
2. Maria Conrow, General Manager of River Rock in #Brick
3. Jillian Mazur, Asst. Bar Manager of River Rock
4. Steve Blank, Point Pleasant
5. Stick, Lakehurst (Yes, that is his real name)
6. Jacqui Moskowitz, VP of Resource Development for Autism Family Services of New Jersey

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