If this video doesn't make you shed a tear, you might have no soul.

It's a true testament to the power of true love and music.

Fred Stobaugh, a 96-year-old man from E. Peoria, Ill., met his wife Lorraine when she worked as a car hop in 1938.

After 75 years together, Lorraine passed away.

Soon after, Fred saw that a local music studio was holding an online singer-songwriter contest, and penned a song as a tribute to his late wife. Not a musician, he mailed the lyrics, along with a letter about Lorraine, in to the studio the old-fashioned way, and figured he'd get no response.

While he didn't fit the criteria of the online contest, the music studio was so touched by his letter that they decided to set it to music and bring the song to life.

They also created a video that tells Fred's story and ends with him listening to the song, which the audience also gets to hear.

It's such a beautiful tribute, and you can really see how much Fred loved and misses his wife. It's remarkable to see.


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