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As we all continue to adapt to social distancing, we continue to look to find new ways to enjoy the activities we love. For example, the movies.

The Coaster is reporting that a temporary drive-in movie theater will be set up at Joe Palaia Park in Ocean Township and will be ready for business as soon as the end of May.

Mayor Christopher Siciliano told The Coaster:

I think this is something we can do together - to use the park safely and keeping our distance but also get a much-needed night out.

If everything works as planned, there will be a sign-in sheet to be a part of the drive-in to avoid overcrowding the park. Cars will be spaced 15-feet from each other, and movie-goers will be able to hear the movie through their radio. By the way, this is the only excuse I will ever allow for changing the radio from 94.3. Ha!

Groups will be encouraged to bring their own snacks.

The Township has yet to decide what the inaugural movie will be, as they'll be letting residents make the final choice.

Mayor Siciliano says that if the first drive-in is a success there will be more to come!

This is a wonderful idea and is a great way to get out, enjoy some recreation, and still maintain social distancing. CLICK HERE for the latest news on coronavirus in New Jersey.

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