Panicked moviegoers thought there were trapped inside the AMC Loews Theater at the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown Saturday knight when a fire alarm sounded and the emergency doors remained locked.

Loews Theater at the Monmouth Mall (Google Street View)

Fortunately, it was a false alarm. Borough officials told the Asbury Park Press they'll investigate reports of the exit doors not opening.

Police received calls shortly before 10:30 pm. Both the police and fire departments responded, according to Police Lt. Lawrence Tyler. He told the newspaper the fire department was able to reset the alarm, but did not say what caused the false activation.

Eatontown Mayor Gerald J. Tarantolo said periodic inspections are done on emergency doors at all public facilities. A theater manager declined to comment on the incident and referred all comments to the general manager who was unavailable Sunday, the Asbury Park Press reported.