Frick Drive in Alpine, New Jersey is chock full of homes that are celebrations in spending. Homes of 10 or 20 million or more are often bought and sold on this vaunted street. In fact somehow “street” seems too belittling a term. Let’s call it a “thoroughfare”.

The latest to go up for sale on Frick Drive in this Bergen County enclave, number one Frick Drive, could be one of the (if not the) most expensive house(s) ever sold in New Jersey. It boasts 12 bedrooms and of course the requisite 17 bathrooms. (!!!) I could never actually figure out why people with mansions need double the amount of bathrooms as bedrooms but who but a fool would begrudge the zillionaire his choice of places in which to perform his toilette?

Martini bar? Got it.

Ballrooms? Reception rooms? Art galleries? Wine Tasting rooms?

Check, check, check and check. Obvs there’s a pool house with kitchen, 65’ saltwater pool and tennis court, and a heated driveway so the yardboy never has to shovel.

The word “house” seems inaccurate to describe 1 Frick Drive. It would not be hyperbolic to refer to it as a “Manor.” And the thing is, as “Manors” go, it’s pretty tasteful. You sometimes see homes as large as this (over 30k sq. ft.) displaying all kinds of architectural excess, as if the architect was like, “Well there’s so much area to cover here! What else can I slap on??”. It can get to the point where it’s gaudy and silly and a mixed-media architectural potpourri. Not so, here. Its refined. And it all seems to make sense.

Check out the photos here.

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