How is it that there's almost always a New Jersey connection to everything?

If you're a fan of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, you know that cast member Jen Shah is in a bit of a sticky situation.  The polarizing housewife is facing federal charges for allegedly conspiring to commit wire fraud and money laundering.  Uh-oh.

I was recently tuning into an episode of The Bravo Docket where the hosts, Cesie and Angela, went more into detail about the co-defendants of this lawsuit.  I was shocked (Shah-ked, if you will, because you know Jen Shah loves a play on words with her last name) to find out that this case has New Jersey roots.

Real Housewife of Salt Lake City, Jen Shah, is pictured below.


How does Jen Shah's lawsuit have New Jersey ties?

After listening to The Bravo Docket, I did some more research on the case.  The Ridgewood Blog stated that there are actually 6 defendants from New Jersey: Anthony Cheedie, Joseph Ciaccio, Joseph Minetto, Joseph DePaolo, Derrick Larkin, and Mattie Cirillo.  They're from Hillsdale, Washington, and Elmwood Park.

I tried to look further to see if any site gave the name of the company associated with the lawsuit, but the press release from the DOJ only mentioned "telemarketing sales floors in New York and New Jersey area."  Jen Shah's lawsuit relates back to these charges.

When is Jen Shah's trial?

Shah's trial has already been postponed twice (I know this because I've been following this lawsuit like many Bravo fans).  It was actually supposed to be today, March 22nd, but it's now been moved to July.  The Bravo Docket hosts stated that Jen is the only defendant on the case who is pleading not guilty.

This definitely will be an interesting trial!

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