A Dad can be such an important part of molding who you are. I am lucky to have my Dad as a great role model and friend.

It always dawns on me on Father's Day, and Mother's Day for that matter, that it is just ridiculous that we only give one day a year to each. They are the most important jobs in the world.

And there are also other Dads in our lives, and father figures too,  who have made such a difference in our world. They should be celebrated as well. Whether it's golf balls, a bad tie or just a funny card, you know they'll love it. They may never use it, but they'll love it.

And many use this day to remember dads and granddads who are no longer with us. Those memories are the kind that grow in importance with each passing year.

Whatever the day means to you, I just wanted to take a minute to pay tribute to all the dads who are so special to us. And to tell my Dad how much he means to me and how much I love him. Thank you dads!