Halloween is coming up and there is a large population that puts their heart and soul into their Halloween costume! However, while those extravagant costumes usually impress all of the others out and about, that attention comes at quite a steep price.

But who is to say that you can't dress up and enjoy the fun without killing your wallet?! Below are a list of affordable costume ideas to use this Halloween.

1. Animals

This classic trick only forces you to spend money on the ears of the animal you choose to be. The most common is usually a cat which you can find a cheap kit that includes ears, a nose, and even a tale for a decent price. If you only buy the ears, use eyeliner or face paint to add the whiskers and freckles!

2. Cop

I have used this idea quite a few times because let's face it, most of us are ballin' on a budget. You really only need the cop hat for your costume to make sense, but can also get a whistle, a badge, and handcuffs for just a few extra bucks.

3. Firefighter

This idea is very similar to that of the cop. The biggest purchase of this costume would be the hat and then just wear red clothing to match. A firefighter has fewer side accessories but if you are determined, I am sure you could find something.

4. Athlete

If you used to or still partake in any athletic programs, using your uniform is the perfect loophole to saving your wallet while still getting festive this upcoming Halloween. Add a little spunk by using eyeliner or face paint to add the black lines to your face. Bonus: Ladies, you get to throw your hair up in a bun and still be in character.

5. Minion

Gennadiy Poznyakov, Thinkstock

Avoid the official minion costumes in stores because while they are usually adorable, those will definitely cost you. You simply wear jeans, black gloves, yellow neon shirt, and the minion glasses. Any of these items that you are missing will be a cheap purchase and have an adorable final outcome.

6. Baby

Let's face it, a lot of you may not need the costume to pull this one off. You can mix a match wearing pajamas, a diaper, a bonnet, a pacifier, or a bottle filled with your drink of choice to get the party started.

7. Grandparent

The attire for this costume could be very similar to that of a baby. You can wear a nightgown, pajamas, or even a diaper if you are daring. The accessories, however, are what will give away exactly what your costume is. I suggest a cane or walker, glasses, and white paint hair spray. P.s. You could probably still get away with having a bottle.

8. Construction Worker

The trend here is hats! Buy a construction hat and then match that with plaid on top, some type of jean material on the bottom, and work boots. You can get cute construction belts around the Halloween season but if you plan on going out to bars, I would definitely NOT use real tools.

9. Witch

There are some very decked out versions of this idea, and others that are much more simple. The minimum would consist of a witches hat and broom while wearing all black clothing. Your makeup would be a key asset for this costume!

10. Devil/Angel

Wear red if you are the devil, white if you are an angel, and get the matching horns or halo to match. This is another costume that your make up could bring it to the next level without having to shell out any extra cash. For the angel, a lot of white and glitter around the eyes gives an enlightening look. For the devil, just add some blush around your eyes to make your overall look that much more intense!

Did I miss anything? Comment below!

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