It's Halloween and that means there will be a lot of zombies and Frozen characters and vampires all over Monmouth and Ocean Counties today.

We'll see lots of costumes inspired by movie, celebrities and TV, but what are the most popular costumes of all time? Which are the costumes that have stood the test of time the best?

According to, there are 5 costumes that have been the go to costumes for decades, and they're just as good today as they were 50 years ago. You'll probably see as many of them today as you will zombies and Elsa. Well, maybe not as many as Elsa.

Here they are...the top 5 costumes of all time. Tops on the list include Frankenstein, vampires, ghosts, cats and witches. They're all easy to put together and both kids and adults can wear them.

Other all time costumes that just missed the top 5 are devils, angels pumpkins and skeletons.

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