Well isn't this an interesting addition to the Jersey Shore?

According to an article written by the incredible Dan Alexander, Allentown, NJ in Monmouth County is the first Jersey Shore town to implement a new driving feature to deter drivers from speeding.

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It is called a Speed Enforcement Zone and it has been placed on Main Street. Out-of-town drivers have made it a habit to speed through this 25 mph residential area to hop on Route 195.

Something is finally being done about it.

In addition, Main Street in Allentown has been deemed, "a historical village center" by the borough so this new rule was clearly put into place to protect the town and its residents.


So what is a Speed Enforcement Zone?

Simple. If you get a speeding ticket while inside the SEZ, it will be mandatory for you to go to court to get the ticket resolved. This means that you will be hit with additional fines and fees on top of the violation.

This also means you can't pay or appeal the violation online or on the phone whatsoever.

I know...*eye roll*....a COURT APPEARANCE?!

Yes. If resolving speeding tickets were easy-peezy, then people won't be forced to think twice before doing it.

As a matter of fact, I think that there are a lot more areas in the Jersey Shore that could use a Speed Enforcement Zone.

I think this could benefit you, me, and everyone around us:

Where 'Speed Enforcement Zones' Should Be Implemented At The Jersey Shore

Allentown is enforcing their first Speed Enforcement Zone where violators must go to court. Here are the other locations they should be implemented:

I get it. The last thing we need is another way for us to lose even more money but that is the point.

I am a driver who had a foot made of lead when I first started driving and yes, I've gotten quite a few speeding tickets over the years.

But guess who those speeding tickets ultimately helped the most? Me and the drivers around me.

I know...I sound like a mom but driving the speed limit so you have time to react and can get from Point A to Point B safely sounds like a big win to me.

So drive safe...and at the speed limit.

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The trend is growing....so hop on.

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