Last year, Toms River High School East's Class of 2012 created a lip dub video that blew everybody away. But, '13 better up their game because one high school is creating buzz with a seven minute lip dub done to a very elaborate music mash-up.


It only took 48 students and one choir teacher to choreograph and perform an 8-minute dance routine in a single continuous shot.

Created by the Highland Trouveres of Idaho, the one-take video follows the student choir  Highland Senior High School as members dance and lip-synch to a pop music mash-up that includes some of the year's biggest hits.

Senior and mastermind behind the video, Ben Fisher said that it only took the students a couple of weeks to pull off what some are saying is the most elaborate high school lip dub video on the Internet.

Monmouth and Ocean county classes, you have your work cut out for you this year! See for yourselves.

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