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Basically a man behind a woman asked her to not recline the chair so he could eat. She did so and then reclined it later on during the flight. That is when he began punching the back of her chair.


Okay. Let me dive in with my rather honest opinion.....

A: You are lucky the woman decided to let you eat your food with an un-reclined chair in front of you. I think most people would have told you to buzz off because it is their flight too and they deserve to be comfortable.

B. You do know that those "reclining chairs" move about an inch max? So yes...you threw a temper tantrum over an inch of space.

C: If you need that extra space, drop the extra bucks for a first class ticket.

D: You can clearly see that you have more than enough room to watch movies on your phone and just overall survive on that flight.

E: Manners?

F: Still no manners?


I am also going to mention that I am disappointed to hear how the flight attendant handled things. She gave the guy free rum to shut him up. Yea...sure....add alcohol to the situation. That will help things.

Can I just remind you of Ellen DeGeneres' favorite saying: Be Kind.

You will get a hell of a lot farther with honey than with vinegar. And I go bakc to the point that all of this happened over an inch of space.

I hope you issue a public apology because your actions are embarrassing.

Or maybe just don't travel ever again. That might be safer.


A fellow traveler that will lose it if you do this to me.

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