Everybody wants to know. What grocery store is opening up shop in Eatontown? Why is the announcement hush hush? I may have an answer for you.

The Asbury Park Press reported that an "unnamed supermarket" is all set to take over the old Toys R Us at Monmouth Plaza on the corner of Route 35 and Wyckoff Road.

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APP reached out to Monmouth Plaza officials. They said:

While it is very exciting and I look forward to the day when it can be divulged, at this point I'm not at liberty to say exactly who this tenant is but we can tell you that the use is a grocer and it's being retrofitted accordingly.

Here's what we've been thinking.

Here's what we know.

This is a massive space. Whichever supermarket is planning on moving in will have a lot of room to fill. We're talking 35,000 square feet. The Burger King at Monmouth Plaza will be knocked down, and a new business in the healthcare world will likely move into the space neighboring the mystery grocery store taking the place of the now-vacant DSW.

It's worth noting that the new supermarket will have a new façade, parking lot upgrades, new signs, bike racks, and electric vehicle charging stations. Very forward-thinking, right?

I can tell you that after speaking to several sources close to the project who wish to remain anonymous, I feel comfortable sharing that the "mystery grocery store" is likely going to be an Amazon Fresh.

Since an Amazon Fresh would be a first of its kind here at the Jersey Shore, it would make sense why details are being kept on the down-low.

Amazon Fresh stores are really quite amazing. You can either do all of your grocery shopping on Amazon and pick it up at the store, or you can shop in-store. While it's still in a trial phase, Amazon is testing "checkout-free" shopping. You pick up a high-tech cart on your way into Amazon Fresh, throw all of the items you want into the cart, and when you're done shopping, you simply walk out. Amazon's carts are able to identify the items in your cart and then simply charge you via your Amazon account. Pretty high-tech stuff!

The one bummer that I did learn is that there is a $14.99 per month fee to shop at Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Fresh would not comment when reached for questioning. I'll stay on them.

Do you have any intel on this project? If so, please let me know. You may remain anonymous. Matt.Ryan@townsquaremedia.com.

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