Business Openings

Retail Giant Opening in Freehold
Many customers of Freehold Raceway Mall have that one store they wish were open for business. Reps say this retailer was one of the most requested, and it's finally setting up shop!
Playa Bowls Expanding
Jersey Shore-based company Playa Bowls is spreading the joy of their Insta-famous healthy treats with several new area restaurants, and one with a major upgrade!
Express Factory Outlet Opening at the Jersey Shore
Most of my friends are pretty obsessed with Express. Whether it's simple button-down shirts or dress pants for work, or fashion-forward outfits for girls night out, they usually have what you need.
Now you'll be able to get your favorite goodies with major discounts at their new Jersey Shor…
Huge Restaurant Coming Soon?
Whenever we write about a chain restaurant opening, we always get many "just open a Cracker Barrel at the Shore" comments immediately. Well, it looks like those wishes could come true very soon.

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