In case you missed it yesterday, a disabled 6-year-old boy's wagon was stolen from his front yard in Belmar by two girls over Labor Day Weekend, and it was all caught on tape.

This story has a lot of people very upset, understandably, but we all need to take a minute and be rational.

To the two girls who stole the wagon,

First, realize I am calling you girls because it is clear that in doing what you did, you acted like children, and not the adults you may legally be. That being said, let's put it out there. You f'ed up. Badly.

People are incredibly mad at you, and have said some nasty things online that I'm sure they would never say to your face. Such is life in 2013. That being said, I'm not mad at you. I feel bad for you, and I don't think you should be 'punished.' I'll tell you why.

I can't be sure, but considering you were stumbling along 16th Ave. in Belmar at 1:28 a.m. in the wee hours of Labor Day Monday, chances are good that you spent the night partying, and were at least a little intoxicated.


It wasn't too long ago when I was a drunken idiot in Belmar, and while I never stole anything (that I can recall), I'm sure I did things that I would be ashamed of if I were sober. I'm okay with that, I say 'live and learn.' I'm grateful that I never had a camera catch any of my antics.

I'd like to think you would never have stolen that wagon if you knew it belonged to a little boy, especially if you knew he was disabled, and used that wagon as a source of transportation because it makes him feel more normal than when he's in his wheelchair.

Maybe you took turns sitting in the bucket seat of that wagon yourselves, laughing at how ridiculous you looked, but wanting someone to pull you in it because your feet hurt. Maybe you used it to cart some booze to your after party. Or maybe you took it for sh*ts and giggles.

It doesn't really matter why. Unfortunately for you, you got caught in the act. That's why this is so bad. People can't see your drunkenness. They can't see that in the daylight you might be perfectly lovely individuals.

In the video, they see two heartless bitches who stole from a little disabled boy for no reason.

Don't fight it. At 1:28 a.m. on Labor Day morning, you were heartless, disrespectful, mean girls. Just own it.

And make it right.

If you still have the wagon, and it's still in perfect, working shape, then clean it up and return it. If you don't have it, buy a new one. I'd recommend putting a giant bow on it, and putting a cool toy in it, and maybe a restaurant or store gift card of some kind, along with a card. That card should contain a heartfelt apology that the two of you come up with on your own.

You should take all of that back to the house you stole from, ring the doorbell, and face the music. Apologize to that little boy's parents, and to the little boy himself.

Photo courtesy of Tracy Bean

His name is Alex, by the way. You should spend some time with him, and apologize to his face for taking his wagon that he loves so much. Maybe take him for a walk around town in his wagon.

And you should pay his parents back for the fence post you broke. We all saw that too.

You should probably apologize in public too, just for your own sakes.

It sucks that you made a drunken mistake, but you don't have a time machine, so you can't undo it. You can only try to make up for it, and hope the Bean family will forgive you. As for the maniacs online, ignore them. They'll find someone new to gang up on eventually.

Good luck. I hope you do what's right.


Laurie Cataldo

UPDATE (12:48 p.m.): Patch is reporting that one of the girls went to the home and bought young Alex a brand new wagon, still in the box, along with a letter of apology. Alex's mom Tracy chose not to identify her, but told them, 'I’m moved to tears. All is right...She was very sincere. She said they just didn’t think about it at the time. This just couldn’t have turned out better...That’s all we wanted. I’m very, very, very, grateful and happy.'

Awesome. This is why I have faith in people!