It's always a spectacle when Lou & Liz broadcast live from the Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant. This week, we were treated to a parade of amazing wildlife with penguins, alligators, snapping turtles and more on display right on the boardwalk.

Our special guests are all courtesy of Jenkinson's Aquarium. If you haven't been there recently, you should stop by and check out their newly renovated facility!

The main event of the morning is always the penguins. Watching them waddle across the boardwalk is such a surreal thing to see. You may never get as close to a penguin as you can at Jenks.

One penguin named Saba got a little too curious on the boardwalk and wandered right into a gift shop next to the aquarium. We're not sure where she carries her credit card, but we know where to find her if she leaves without paying.

Munch & Crunch isn't a cereal, it's the names of this pair of baby alligators that may be small now, but will one day reach 14+ feet. Try holding them when that happens.

This baby alligator snapping turtle may look cute, but don't put your fingers too close. One bite can break one! Once it reaches maturity, one chomp might even break an arm, yikes!

Say what? These blue & gold macaws are never shy and will let you know what's on their mind. They're in their late 20's now, but can live as long as 80-100 years old.

Missed the fun in person? Keep checking back as Lou & Liz will return to Jenkinson's Boardwalk for another broadcast in August, and who knows what creatures will show up this time!

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