We asked you to name an Ocean County town with just a few historic, and not so historic clues. Did you get it right?

Let's start by recapping the clues we gave you on Friday, and by the way, if you went the whole weekend without looking it up, congratulations. Let's recap the clues we gave you...

Land of Tall Timber.

It was once west.

The post office is on a bridge.

The only real trick clue is the last one. The post office isn't really on a bridge, it's actually on Bridge Ave. I think I just heard every person who lives in Point Pleasant Boro all groan at once.

Yes, Point Boro was once called the "Land of Tall Timber" by the Lenape Indians, and at one point, no pun intended, the post office carried the designation "West Point Pleasant" until 1956.

You can check out some great details of the history of this great town at the Point Pleasant Boro website. A big shout out to all of our friends and listeners in Point Boro!

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