I'm an animal lover but I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Actually, I do know exactly how I feel..I was just being polite.  I'm outraged! Apes are now getting the COVID vaccine before human beings?

This week several apes at the San Diego Zoo got vaccinated for COVID.  They are the first non human primates to get the shot which is neat except my husband is an essential worker and he has not been allowed to get either of his shots yet and he's you know, a human being. There are thousands upon thousands of essential workers like him that need this life-saving vaccine but these animals are getting the shot first?

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This was my state of mind UNTIL I learned that the animal vaccine was developed by a veterinary pharmaceutical company and it's just for animals. The company is called Zoetis and their medicine cannot be used in humans. Wheew...I was ready to unleash my Jersey on somebody until I realized that little nugget of information. Back in January eight gorillas tested positive for COVID and since all gorillas are on the endangered species list, protecting them is super important.  I know many of us are dog and cat lovers so hearing about these apes getting vaccinated may make you wonder if your dog or cat need protection. I researched that for you and here is what I found.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs and cats are not able to pass COVID to people or vise versa however, if someone with the virus were to pet your dog and then you pet your dog after them it is possible to get the virus that way although it is not likely.

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