Every Memorial Day Weekend, amidst the stories of people spending time at the Jersey Shore with their family and friends, soaking in the sun and kicking off the summer, there are always those tragedies that bring us back to reality.

Is it safe at the Shore?

Two people have died this week after spending time in the ocean. One, a 17-year-old from Paterson, the other, a 24-year old from Jersey City.

It also seems that more often than not, when we hear of a drowning at the beach, the victim is from somewhere other than the Jersey Shore.

It makes me wonder if maybe we as locals are more used to the water, or we are more aware of the power it can have, so we are more cautious.

No matter where beach-goers are from, it's a very sad, but very serious situation.

I love the water (I'm a Pisces, come on.) but I'm well aware that it's stronger than I am. I'm a decent swimmer but I know that one tough wave can knock you under and take your breath away, leaving you panicked and in need of help.

I don't think our beaches are unsafe, I think people need to better educate themselves on how to enjoy it safely.

So how do we keep this from happening again? How do we keep people from going in the water after the lifeguards are gone? Should we even have to do that? Maybe people should be allowed to take those risks if they feel so inclined.

What are your thoughts? Share them below!

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