Maybe playing a New Jersey trivia game will get your mind off things for a little while, so let's choose the category "New Jersey Laws".

We'll give you 5 possible New Jersey laws and all you have to do is determine if the law we give you real or fake. Are you ready to play? Alright, here we go...

You are not allowed to slurp soup.

A man may not knit during fishing season

Socks and sandals may not be worn simultaneously.

You may not frown at a police officer.

Everyone has the right of way at a traffic circle.

Bullet proof vests may not be worn while committing a murder.

All motorists must beep when passing another car.

Motorists may not drink hot beverages while operating a vehicle in summer months.

Handcuffs may not be sold to minors.

If you've been convicted of DWI, you may not get personalized plates.

So, how many of those ten laws are real, and how many are made up? If it helps, we'll give you this clue...7 of them have actually made it to the law books in New Jersey. Good luck and we'll have the official correct answers tomorrow.

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