Are you satisfied with the job the State Senate and General Assembly are doing in New Jersey?

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You're in the majority if your answer is 'no.'

Buried deep in just about every poll you'll ever see is the fact that when taken as whole, the legislature gets very low marks from the voters. Why is that?

"I don't know," admits Quinnipiac University poll director Mickey Carroll. "Maybe they deserve it. I don't know……Maybe it's partly you guys in the press reporting about all the Humpty Dumpties who are doing this and look at the terrible things that are happening in Washington and in Trenton."

Voters don't like Congress either and they never have says Carroll. That doesn't mean the public dislikes everybody in government. It actually depends on who you ask and who you are asking about.

"People tend to not like the legislature," explains Carroll. "They think it's a bunch of Humpty Dumpties, but they do like their legislators. The people they voted for, their Senator, their Assembly members, people tend to like them. That's understandable too. It's people they know, people they voted for."

This distaste for the legislature is not a New Jersey phenomenon according to Carroll. Quinnipiac conducts surveys in nine states and he says it's the same in all of them.

"Certainly, people don't have a high opinion of their legislatures on any level," says Carroll.