The Jersey Shore has been through a lot, and worrying about Snooki and JWoww have probably slipped down our list of priorities, but it looks like they're returning to the Jersey Shore. Is that a welcome return?

MTV won't confirm it, but USA Today is reporting that the return looks likely, but with all that is going on during the rebuilding after Sandy, the first reaction of residents may be, "thanks, but no thanks." The two towns reportedly involved in the show this season are Seaside Heights and the Pelican Island section of Berkeley.

As usual with anything to do with Snooki and the gang, opinions seem to be split on the return. Some residents feel like there is enough going on in the towns with construction and rebuilding and the show will cause unnecessary traffic. Others welcome the excitement the show would bring.

I hope if the show actually films in the reported areas that they spend some time bringing attention to the fact that the Jersey Shore is still far from being back to normal. It seems that the national spotlight has faded on Sandy, but so many people in our area have only begun the battle and they deserve all the help they can get. This may be one of the silver linings from this polarizing show.

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