We work with these people 40-plus hours a week. We probably know more about them them we should or even want to. They have no regard for co-workers and annoy everybody. They are the "office offender." Office offenders come in many forms, but here are five of the worst as portrayed by Laurie Cataldo, Matt Ryan, Andy Chase and the 94.3 The Point staff. Share this with your friends, or better yet...your office offender!

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    "The Pen Sucker"

    These gifts to humanity love to suck, chew or bite on their pens. Better yet, they "borrow" ours only to bring it back 10 minutes later. We know what they did with it and now we get it back. Bonus!

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    "The Shoeless Wonder"

    This is a workplace...not your house! Put your shoes back on.

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    "The Drive-by Conversation Interupter"

    These folks have no problem barging in on your conversation with no clue of its exact topic. Then, they make a stupid comment and continue walking.

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    "The Refrigerator Bandit"

    Who cares if you wrote your name eight times in Sharpie on last night's chicken. If it's in the office refrigerator it's fair game.

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    "The Lazy Paper Refiller"

    These brainless wonders make the last copy and are fully aware the machine is out of paper. Why refill it with a ream, when twelve sheets will do just fine!

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