Halloween is here and that means the black cat is going to get some bad press with all the myths about them. But there are some things about black cats you might not know.

If you do your research on black cats, you will find that it goes way beyond the "don't cross the black cat path" myth. As a matter of fact, according to catchannel.com, the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bast, actually favored black cats.

And if you were across the pond in England, you would find many people who think black cats are GOOD luck. As a matter of fact, if a black cat is kept in a fisherman's home in Yorkshire, it is supposed to ensure the fisherman's safe return.

So, as Halloween arrives, remember the black cat is more than just a Halloween story. They are wonderful, adorable animals who are honored all over the world. This Halloween, we wanted to give the black cat some well deserved good publicity.