See?! When I tell you to pour yourself come bubbly, it is because I care!

News 12 just came out with the most amazing study that will give you no other choice but to leave your pinky permanently raised.

According to UK researchers, those who drink red wine, white wine and champagne are less likely to contract COVID-19.

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Did I necessarily need a reason to sip wine with dinner? No.

But now I can simply say It's alllll for my health as I pop the cork and pour. There is scientific reasoning behind this study.

According to, "Researchers believe wine protected more against COVID-19 because of its other health benefits like decreasing blood pressure and reducing inflammation."

You know what I just read there? That wine is healthy!

And can you believe it, different types of wine offer different types of protection.

According to, those who drink, "one to two glasses of red wine a day had a 10% to 17% lower risk of testing positive for coronavirus."

Well that's a nice decrease.

Those who drink white wine have, "a 7% to 8% lower risk" of contracting COVID-19.

Not as much but I'll take it.

But now for the bad news.

While wine and champagne help protect you from COVID-19, primarily drinking beer and liquor gives a 28% higher chance of contracting COVID-19.

Makes sense when you think about it.

Not only are there no major health benefits attached to beer or liquor but a red wine drinker may be more prone to stay home and sip while a beer drinker prefers a local pub where they will be exposed to more people.

And as always, all health experts say to avoid excessive alcohol consumption because it is not a "the more you drink, the more protected you are" situation.

So, are you low on wine? Do you need to stock up on prosecco?

WELL DO IT because it's for your health!

Take a look at some of the best local wineries so you know where to get started!

And remember, pinky out!

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