I have a warning for anyone who enjoys walking along our beaches, especially before sunrise.

There is a safety issue to report at a Monmouth County beach.

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According to News12.com, "a sinkhole on the beach [bordering] Asbury Park and Ocean Grove beach has once again become a hazard."

There is now a massive sinkhole and the area is closed off to the public for safety reasons.

Island Beach State Park
Island Beach State Park (NJ DEP)
“A big concern, you know. I walk the beach every day,” says Lisa Ranno, of Asbury Park according to News12.com. “So, I mean you just got to be careful.”
News 12 made sure to get the word out there so folks in the area knew to avoid the area.
The concern, however, is for those who do not know that the hole is there and may be walking along the beach before sunrise not paying attention.
Don't be on your phone and be aware of your surroundings because these holes are deep. The one seen in the photo above is actually twice as deep. The "bottom" is filled with ocean water.
Asbury Park
Asbury Park (Bud McCormick)
It's scary to know that the sand on the beach can just come out from under you with no warning.
According to News12.com, "an outflow pipe near the sinkhole is to blame. It has been repaired a few times over the years," but the continuous leakage resulted in yet another sinkhole.
 The Army Corps of Engineers is working to fix the issue.
This isn't the first sinkhole we've had to report on here at the Jersey Shore. There were a few sinkholes that shuttered down beaches in Bradley Beach during this past Summer. It was due to, "separation in their outflow pipes."
As a result, "officials are hoping to find a more permanent solution to the problem."
I have no idea what kind of solution there could be for this type of problem.
It is a good thing I am not an engineer.
Just proceed with caution knowing that sinkholes have been a problem at the shore!

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