We're celebrating the amazing Asbury Park this weekend, and it's time for another round of Asbury Park Trivia.

We always have a great time testing your knowledge about Asbury Park, and this week is no different. Today, we are going to spotlight a specific venue. And it's not just a venue. It's probably the most well known venues of all time.

Yes, we're talking about the legendary Stone Pony. This time around, we want to find out how much you know about this historic place. And remember this only works if you follow the honor system.

Let's see how many of these questions you can get right on your own. Anybody can Google them, but only true Asbury Park lovers can get these without any help. Good luck!

Question #1...What was the name of the restaurant in the building that's now the Stone Pony before it was the Stone Pony?

Question #2...The name of the Stone Pony did not come to one of the owners in a dream, as is widely believed. What actually inspired the name? 

Question #3...Name the Pony's first house Band.

Question #4...In 1976 The Point (then just known as WJLK), broadcast a Memorial Day 1976 concert from the Stone Pony featuring what legendary New Jersey band?

The history of the Stone Pony, just like the city it calls home, is an amazing story, and we are proud to celebrate this world famous venue's place in the musical history of Asbury Park.

We'll have the official answers coming your way soon. Enjot the quiz, and remember, the true satisfaction is getting these answers on your own.

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