If you like this type of thing, an asteroid will pass in front of a star overnight (at around 2am). It's a 45-mile-wide asteroid and it will eclipse the brightest star in the Constellation Leo.

The event will last from a fraction of a second to 12 seconds, according to foxnews.com. I know a lot of people are into this stuff and it really is awesome. Nature is an amazing thing. But this time I'm not going to set my alarm for it, because whenever I try to see these things, I never see anything.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I have literally no idea what I'm doing and whatever I am trying to do, I am probably doing it wrong, but every time I try to see something like this I can't find it.

Oh, I see things. I see planes, stars and clouds. But I never seem to see lunar eclipses, solar eclipses or asteroids. I once saw an old plastic supermarket shopping bag fly across the moon. So technically I have seen a "plastic lunar eclipse". So I guess it was worth setting the alarm!

Don't let me bring you down. Enjoy a really cool natural event tonight!

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