A meteor exploded in the sky over Central Russia today, injuring hundreds of people...about 24 hours before an asteroid is set to make a close call with Earth.

Are we in a movie?

First, a science note: A meteor is rock/dust/debris in the sky. A meteorite is a hunk of the meteor that makes it through Earth's atmosphere and falls to the ground. (Since the rock over Russia never hit the ground, it's a meteor.) An asteroid is like a miniature planet, made up of similar material, and orbiting the sun. End lesson.

Huffington Post reports,

The Russian Academy of Sciences said the meteor – estimated to be about 10 tons – entered the Earth's atmosphere going at least 54,000 kph (33,000 mph). It shattered about 30-50 kilometers (18-32 miles) above the ground.

The energy released from the explosion shattered glass, shook and damaged buildings, and left hundreds of people injured.

It was caught on video, and looks scary and innocent at the same time.

It is thought to be unrelated to the 13-story asteroid 2012 DA14 which will be within about 17,000 miles of Earth. That asteroid won't be visible to the naked eye, but NASA is providing streaming video from Australia for people who want to watch as it passes.

A friend wrote on Facebook this morning, 'Um, does the Pope know something we don't?'

Not to be inflammatory, but this is some potentially scary stuff. All we need now are some giant spaceships to head towards major landmarks with glowing blue lights of doom.

Quick, someone round up Bruce Willis, Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones. They'll know what to do!

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