See An Amazing Photo Of The Blizzard From Space
As the whole Northeast is dealing with a blanket of snow, we've seen plenty of maps and graphics, but nothing compares to this absolutely stunning photo of the storm over the East Coast that was taken by NASA astronaut (and New Jersey native) Scott Kelly from the International Space Station. Ta…
Where Is That Lettuce From?
If you like salad, someday when you ask "Where is this lettuce from?", the answer you may get might surprise you. The answer just might be "space".
US Government Addresses Mayan Apocalypse Rumor
Sometimes the folks running our country have a sense of humor about impending doom, (zombies are coming!) and other times, not so much.
In a new government blog post (seriously), they basically shut down the whole 'December 21 is the end of the world' thing.

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