The countdown is on to the next total solar eclipse of 2024 where the moon will block out the sun, but will we get a glimpse here in the Garden State?

I'm obsessed with all things celestial. I remember back in 2018 there was a solar eclipse and I staged a viewing party with my co-workers in the parking lot of the radio station. There were beach chairs, eclipse sunglasses, and popcorn.

On a side not, I also just sleep entirely through the penumbral lunar eclipse, lol. I'm more reliable for things that happen during the day, lol, and I don't intend on missing the next eclipse.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

Solar Eclipse

According to NASA, 'a solar eclipse happens when the Moon blocks the Sun's light for a few minutes'.

When is the Next Solar Eclipse?

April 8th solar eclipse
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On Tuesday, April 8th, the moon will eclipse the sun. The celestial event will start around 2:09 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, and be over by 4:35 p.m. The peak eclipse time is between 3:23 p.m. and 3:27 p.m., Courier Post reports.

This rare event will pass over North America. It will also be visible in parts of Western Europe and the northern part of South America, according to

Will New Jersey See the Upcoming Solar Eclipse?

Map of NJ

Unfortunately, New Jersey is not in the path of totality for the April 8th solar eclipse. That means we will not get the full total eclipse experience here in the Garden State.

However, don't send drop those eclipse glasses from your cart yet. While a good chunk of the United States, Mexico and Canada are in the path of totality,

Rowan University of Glassboro's Edelman Planetarium Director Amy Barraclough tells Courier Post that New Jersey, and particularly South Jersey, is 'going to see a very good partial eclipse, assuming that it is clear'.

That means we'll likely only catch the Moon blocking out a portion of the Sun’s light from our vantage point.

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So, we just have to hope that the weather shakes out for us and we've got more clouds than sun on April 8th.


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