Swimming hottie Ryan Lochte is the star of a new reality show, 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?'

Turns out he would do the most awkward morning show interview ever.

I'm a big Ryan Lochte fan...as long as he's not talking.


Kenrick Monk and Ryan Lochte
Al Bello, Getty Images

Because when he does my brain hurts.

Ryan Lochte, Olympic gold medalist, may have spent one too many hours in the chlorine.

For example, when asked last fall to pick who would win the LSU-Texas A&M game, he picked...Auburn.

So what stumped him this time?

In talking about his new show, Sheinelle Jones and Mike Jerrick from Fox's Good Day Philly show asked him, 'What would get your attention?'


That was followed up by Lochte's explaining how bathrooms work...'Well...there's like...a mirror with a sink, and then you have the bathroom...'

...it's like a watching a baby deer learn to walk.

By the end of the interview, the anchors were hysterically laughing about how ridiculously DUMB he seemed.

Jones kept saying through her laughter, 'He IS cute...'

Yes, yes he is. Pretty, but dumb. It's okay. We all know.

Let's just enjoy him for what he is -- pure eye candy and athletic prowess...MENSA member he is not.

Are there certain celebrities that you wish would stop talking? Tell us in the comment section below!

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