You might expect this level of volatility from the stock market, but not usually from your New Jersey weather in the middle of January. Yet, that's where we are to start a new week, as this just-passed weekend made it feel like spring cleaning had come early — before some people had even taken down their Christmas trees.

(And for you longtime TV weather fans out there, getting any Ira Joe Fisher vibes from the above image?)

Luckily, as we cool down, the Garden State stays mostly dry this week. That begins with some sun to start Monday morning, transitioning to cloud cover in the afternoon, and daytime highs in the mid-40s for North Jersey and mid-50s for South Jersey. That kind of temperature gradient seems to be present for most of this week, but we'll reiterate that detail in each day's respective outlook.

Monday night is cloudy, with lows falling to the mid- to upper 30s overnight.

Tuesday brings a chance of showers in the afternoon, but otherwise cloudy, again with mid-40s for highs in North Jersey and mid-50s in South Jersey.

Wednesday (and Thursday too) looks to be a sunny day across New Jersey, with highs in the upper 40s to mid-50s, again running north to south.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow returns Monday, Jan. 27.

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