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Friday morning usually signifies "bagel day" around these parts, and I give myself a 'pass' to have a not-quite-healthy breakfast.

Today I walked in the studio and found a box of cupcakes. Wait, it gets better. One of them was covered in bacon.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Bacon? Good. Cupcakes? Good. Together? Gross. But you'd be wrong. Very wrong.

I firmly believe all things in life can be improved with the addition of either bacon or Nutella (that's a post for a different day).

I was slightly wary of how these would taste, but in the interest of RESEARCH, I went for it.

Oh man. Breakfast of champions. The cupcakes were moist and cupcake-shaped pancakes. I don't know what the frosting was (maple buttercream?) but the salty goodness of the bacon on top was really yummy and a perfect complement to the cake.

I don't know if I could eat one of these all the time, but trust me, this is one of those things you need to try at least once in your lifetime. Maybe at Dessert Wars?

Would you try a bacon cupcake?

The bacon cupcakes were courtesy of  Cupcake Magician in Red Bank, participating in Dessert Wars 2012.

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