It’s National Bacon Day! Bacon, the yummiest portion of a meal. Life without bacon is not living. Pork bacon, beef bacon, turkey bacon. It doesn’t matter which one you prefer, bacon adds excitement to many meals and makes for a great snack. Here are a few ways to use bacon…

  1. Bacon at breakfast served with your favorite style of eggs, pancakes, or french toast.
  2. Bacon pancake strips…basically you put a strip of cooked bacon on your griddle and pour the pancake batter over it. I guess like a pig in a blanket.
  3. Bacon crumbles over your favorite bacon maple donut or muffin.
  4. BLT
  5. Bacon wrapped meatloaf.
  6. Bacon wrapped ranch chicken breast.
  7. Candied bacon.
  8. Bacon wrapped asparagus.
  9. Bacon crumbles in your salad.
  10. JUST PLAIN BACON!!!!!!!

Enjoy today and enjoy your tasty bacon!


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