I was out with the Point Crew yesterday at Duck Donuts in Middletown when I learned some SERIOUSLY disturbing things, and it all started with the donut I ordered.

bacon donut
A peanut butter bacon donut from Duck Donuts in Middletown. (Laurie Cataldo)

So, at Duck Donuts, you can mix-and-match all kinds of icings and toppings to create whatever donut you want. I told the Crew I wanted to try one with peanut butter icing and bacon (weird I know, but it's the whole salty/sweet combo, and if I was ambitious enough to cut up a banana, it would have been fit for a King.)

Anyhoo, it was at that moment that one of them said, "Eh...I don't really like bacon."


I didn't even know that was possible!! How could anyone not love bacon? Salty, crispy, delicious meat candy!

Then I remembered another fellow employee telling me they didn't really like Nutella!

ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?? Nutella, possibly my favorite food!

My own fiancé, Duzzy himself, doesn't like macaroni...whether it's with tomato sauce, macaroni and cheese, or any other way. (It's hard to wrap my Italian brain around that one.)

He also doesn't do peanut butter cups. BLASPHEMY.

Don't worry, I'm not exempt...I'm really weird about meat. I don't really like any kind of meat on the bone...I don't do lamb...and there's any visible fat on the meat I'm eating, I'll cut it apart like a surgeon. A really well-marbled, fatty piece of steak? NOPE.

So join the club - what's a really popular food that you hate to eat?

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