It's World Nutella Day...the (technically unofficial) official day to celebrate the joy that is Nutella!


If you've never had it, (for shame!!) it's a dangerously delicious spread made of chocolate and hazelnuts with the consistency of peanut butter.

With few exceptions, Nutella makes pretty much everything better, so naturally we should celebrate its existence with a few recipes and store-bought treats!

nutella stuffed cupcakes
Custom Nutella-stuffed cupcakes? Yes. x6. (Laurie Cataldo)
  • Nutella-stuffed confetti cupcake with whipped cream, caramel, and sea salt at Sugarush in Red Bank
  • The Classic crepe, with strawberries, bananas, and Nutella at Whipped in Red Bank

And of course my favorite Nutella recipe of all: Jar in one hand, spoon in the other. Enjoy!

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