Ah, 'murica. The land of the free, and home to the morbidly obese. Naturally an American thought to create International Bacon Day, and damn it, it's our patriotic duty to celebrate!

International Bacon Day is celebrated the Saturday before Labor Day...so that means tomorrow, we pay homage to everyone's favorite meat candy.

  • 1

    Wash up with bacon soap

    You're going to want to shower when you wake up, so be sure to scrub down with bacon soap! It boasts 'no greasy residue'! And plus, the smell will get you in the mood for your next step!

  • 2

    Sip on a Bacon Bloody Mary

    It's a holiday weekend, so let's celebrate with reckless abandon! Why not sip on a Bacon Bloody Mary? Believe me when I tell you they are delightful, and you can enjoy one on the beach in South Seaside Park at Chef Mike's ABG!

    Tom Dunphy
  • 3

    Hop into your bacon-wrapped car

  • 4

    Rehydrate your lips with bacon balm

    The booze in the Bloody might make your lips a little dry, so be sure to keep them supple with bacon lip balm!

    Laurie Cataldo
  • 5

    Chow down on bacon everything!

    BLTs, bacon pancakes, bacon-wrapped scallops, loaded potatoes with bacon crumbles, maple-bacon donuts, chocolate-covered smoky treats, or just a big old plate of plain bacon strips (make mine extra crispy, please!)...find some way to indulge in the pork world's finest offering.

  • 6

    Bring home some bacon roses

    Because nothing says love like pork fat.


    Flickr user methodshop.com