For the past 2 months, we've brought you the cocktail of the it's time to hit the road, and see what local hotspots are making awesome drinks!

We're starting at a place where the food is downright sexy...and the drinks are even sexier: Chef Mike's ABG in Seaside Park.

If you don't know Chef Mike Jurusz, he's one of my favorite local chefs; because not only is his personality larger than life, but his skills in the kitchen are off the charts. (Two-time winner of the Jersey Shore's Best Burger, winner of our sister station's Boss of the Sauce, and member of Restaurant Madness 2013's Elite Eight...the man can cook!!)

Chef Mike and his rock star bar manager Johnny Long Legs came up with a drink that is half cocktail, half meal, and all delicious.

A take on the classic Bloody Mary -- with a little extra sexy to take it to the next level.

It's a mix of a house made spice rim, house made bloody mary mix, Grey Goose vodka, peppered bacon, and a garnish you have to see to believe!

Check out the Bacon Bloody Mary from Chef Mike's ABG:

[onescreen item="5066749"]

If you've never had a Bloody Mary, or if you've always thought they were gross, I'm telling you to give this one a try. The flavors are incredible.

A few of those on a Sunday looking out over the ocean? Now THAT'S how we do it at the Jersey Shore!

*Please drink responsibly.*

Know of a cocktail we should feature? Tell us about it in the comment section below!