Being a radio DJ is a tough gig. I'm often asked to do really hard judge the winner of the Great Jersey Shore Burger Contest.

Saturday's event, hosted by the fine folks at Jersey Shore Restaurant Week, was held at Bar A.

It featured 11 burgers created by some incredible chef's here at the Jersey Shore.

There was some serious creativity on display (Cheeseburger on a donut? Surprisingly good!) and it was definitely not easy to pick a winner.

At the end of the day, judges' choice went to Chef Mike Jurusz of Chef Mike's ABG in Seaside Park, for his Bada Bing burger -- A sausage patty with sriracha ketchup and a hash brown 'bun.' Delish!

In a tie for second place was David Burke Fromagerie's smoked bison burger with lamb bacon and pickled onion, and Jersey Shore BBQ's Mondo Joe burger, a burger topped with pulled pork, cole slaw, and bbq sauce.

People's Choice went to The Ark in Point Pleasant for their Port Wine Cheddar Cheese burger.

Congrats to all the chefs on an incredible job!

Where's your favorite place to get a burger at the Jersey Shore? Tell us in the comment section below!

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