Imagine a world without bagels? It would be like living in a nightmare!

Simply writing this article is making me salivate for an 'everything bagel' with extra cream cheese.

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Before highlighting the new bagel shop in Howell, here are a few interesting bagel fun facts:

  • The world record for most bagels eaten in five minutes is six. Wow!
  • It has to be round to be considered a bagel. The word bagel comes from the German word "bougel", meaning "bracelet". If it's not in the shape of a bracelet, it is NOT a bagel.
  • A Bagel is the only bread that is boiled before being baked. The best bagels are dipped in boiling water for 3-5 minutes before going in the oven.
  • Bagels were once in Space! An astronaut brought 18 sesame bagels with him on his journey to space in 2008.
  • The hole in the middle of a bagel serves a very important purpose. The hole increases the bagel's surface area and allows for more crust formation. It also helps the bagel cook faster.
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With that, there's a new bagel shop coming to the Jersey Shore! A HUGE congratulations to Bagel Country On 9. They will be taking over the Giana Bella Restaurant location on Route 9 North in the Plaza 2775 right before The Ivy League. No specific date has been announced but they plan to open in the days to come! Definitely sooner rather than later. In the meantime, make sure to follow them on Facebook!

It wasn't long ago, Bagel Country On 9 was looking to hire friendly, outgoing, and fun people. If you want to interview or if you want more information about the bagel shop, email them at We wish the new business owners tremendous success. I can't wait to go try their bagels! This new Howell bagel shop looks awesome! Check it out below... and keep scrolling to see who has the best bagel joints at the Jersey Shore...

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