The Jersey Shore pizza score tour with Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports was popular this past summer.

Squan Tavern has been a staple in Manasquan since the 1960s.

It is still family-run and owned.

The passion for the pizza at Squan is second to none.

Year after year when I run down your choice for the "Best Pizza at the Jersey Shore," Squan consistently is at the top of the pack.

Dave right out of the gate said Manasquan was a dream town to grow up in as a kid.

He mentioned kids riding their bikes, on scooters, and green grass.

Portnoy admitted that he was "one of those guys" who always considered New Jersey to be the "armpit of America."

He said Manasquan is not even close, calling it awesome.

Dave said it reminded him a lot of Cape Cod, Nantucket, even the Hamptons.

Dave can be remembered saying he'd never come back to the Jersey Shore after going to Seaside Heights and reviewing Maruca's.

On to the pizza.

Portnoy is a bar pie guy, and Squan Tavern makes one of the best.

He liked the extra crispiness of the pizza and remarked about a distinct smell that he got off of the pie.

After speaking to the owner, the smell he was talking about was the cheese.

They apparently use two different kinds of mozzarella.

Hopefully, that wasn't a family secret!

In the end, Portnoy gave Squan Tavern's pizza a 7.6.

That is a solid score, but I really thought that they would crack an 8.

During Portnoy's tour of the Shore, only one pizza place got above an 8, and that was Rosie's in Pt. Pleasant.

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect Portnoy for stopping to take pictures and talk to a whole bunch of people who ran up to him as he was making his way to and from Squan Tavern.

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