If you are hosting your own 4th of July BBQ or you’ve been invited to one, this Watermelon Shark will add a little bite to your fruit platter.

Usually, when we think of BBQs, we think of a hot grill and cold beer. A nice bonus for your guests is a fresh fruit platter. In my big Italian family, fruit was always introduced at the end of the meal because it “helps you digest.” Not sure if there is any scientific proof for that claim, but we just go with it anyway. I’ve seen watermelon boats which are very creative, but if you want to kick it up a notch, try a watermelon shark.

This project looks complicated, but it is actually pretty simple. First, lay the watermelon on a flat surface and tilt it back. Slice the bottom back portion horizontally, so the watermelon will stay at this angle. You will later shape that slice and use it for the fin. Next, with a long knife, cut a football shape for the mouth and remove this portion from the melon. With a large spoon, you can hollow out the melon. Cut the melon into smaller pieces and put the fruit back into the shark. Use a paring knife to make angled incisions for the upper and lower teeth. With a melon baller, cut into the sides of the watermelon, but do not go all the way through. This will create a socket for the eyes. To make the eyes, insert a toothpick into a blueberry or grape. The last step is to create an incision at the top to insert your fin.

As a bonus, you can position your shark in the center of blue Jell-O. Enjoy the compliments of your creation and eat your fruit…it will help you digest.

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