We know what's replacing the Jersey Shore Diner Restaurant!

Last week, I told you about some construction going on in Toms River at the corner of Shore and Fischer Boulevard. I even gave some suggestions as to what should take its place.

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Well, turns out one of my guesses was right - sort of.

What's replacing the old Jersey Shore Diner Restaurant?

A new restaurant is coming to Toms River, and no, it's not a Cheesecake Factory like I had hoped. But it still sounds really exciting!

The restaurant is called Beach Tacos - so we can assume it's Mexican cuisine (which is one of my favorites, by the way. I'm always down for some chips and guac).

My coworker Adreana sent me a photo of the new sign. Check it out:

Credit: Adreana Thompson
Credit: Adreana Thompson

What can we expect from Beach Tacos?

I did a little digging on Beach Tacos, and the logo looks really similar to the stand that's on the Boardwalk in Seaside Heights. If it's the same restaurant, their menu looks delicious - nachos, quesadillas, tacos, salads, tostadas, and more. The Seaside Heights location was only open seasonally, so here's hoping that the Toms River location will be open year-round.

Are you excited to see a potential second location of Beach Tacos opening up in Toms River?

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