UPDATE: Kallista got her wish after all. CLICK HERE to check out the incredible moment when Kallista met Chef Ramsay!

Meet adorable Kallista. She's such a great kid.

(Photo from Facebook.)

Her parents' request to Make a Wish is for her to meet Gordon Ramsey because this little girl describes herself as his #1 fan (she even has a cut out of him in her room.)

As most have heard by now, Gordon Ramsey is in town taping an episode of his show at a restaurant in Toms River, so wouldn't it be nice if we could all share this so that he sees Kallista's story in time to meet her while he's here?

(Photo from Wolf Flores)

Her family has sometimes wondered during her treatments about just how brutal things can get for one little girl, and how much she had to endure....so her dad, Wolf Flores, is now promising her that the least he can do for his daughter is try his hardest to get the word out to Gordon Ramsey that there is one very special little girl in Beachwood who has been through so much and would love even a phone call if possible from him.

As of now, Kallista has one more year of treatment.

These are her mom's words about her daughter's journey:

Our youngest daughter, Kallista (then 11), was diagnosed on 5/4/2018 with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  She had been diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection on 4/29/18, but we took her to the hospital on that Tuesday because her fever had spiked to 105.4.  Community hospital said she was only anemic but yet had called for an ambulance to send us to RWJ Hospital.  I knew it was bad since my mother died there at RWJ from colon cancer 7 years prior.  Our sweet Kallista has had a terrible journey throughout her treatment.  Her doctors all refer to her as the 1% kid, meaning everything and anything that can go wrong does for her.  She first started out with pneumonia, then her port became infected.  Surgery to remove the port was a disaster because the surgeon didn’t remove all of the infectious tissue and we didn’t know how bad it was hurting her young body until the doctors took her off the steroids.  Extremely high fever raced through her body over the next 2 days.  Another surgery to open the site and remove the remaining infectious tissue was immediate.  A Picc line was put in instead, a few days later.  Steroids caused her to have diabetes and she became insulin dependent.  She also suddenly formed a blood clot in her left arm and she had to be given Lovenox shots daily.  She formed allergies to her 24 blood and 12 platelet transfusions as well as Erwinia and Pegaspargase.  We almost lost her on 6/22/18 since she had gone into anaphylactic shock after a chemo treatment.  My husband and I used up all of our sick leave and then he was forced to resign from his day job in August 2018 to remain her full time caretaker and make-shift nurse.  Picc line had be flushed and shots had to be administered daily.  She was also on a strict diet from the diabetes and had to be tested before each meal.  An adult needed to be present for every nurse house visit and chemo delivery. He still tried to work nights at the entertainment company we own since I work days and couldn’t be out and she was so frequently in the hospital.  We took such a financial hit and continue to do so since it costs us over 1000 in co-pays each surgery and over 100 each day she remains in the hospital.  Her medicine costs us anywhere from $75 to $850 a month in co-pays depending upon her needs.  My husband lost his day job and I lost out with leave without pay and also so many lost overtime hours.  We have two other children and were already still recouping financially from voluntarily taking in my brothers 4 very young children, for 9 months, from DYFS the year before."

Thanks, Kallista and family, for letting us try and help you....you will be in my prayers.

To reach Wolf, call 732-267-3536. Or you can contact me: liz.jeressi@townsquaremedia.com

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(Photo from Wolf Flores)