Blend on Main is already a restaurant that I love...but maybe it will get the Gordon Ramsay treatment!

Gordon Ramsay has been in town this week giving his boost to a restaurant in Toms River.

He even stopped to visit a 12-year old girl with cancer who is a huge fan of his. He surprised her at school.

But this busy man apparently isn't leaving the Jersey Shore yet!

Yesterday there was a hand-written sign taped to the window at Blend on Main Street in Manasquan saying "Closed today, thank you"...and then Gordon Ramsay's film crew trucks were spotted!

And this morning a sighting of Gordon Ramsey at Blend was confirmed.

This could be really exciting for Monmouth County and a way to support a local restaurant. Have you heard any rumors about the show looking for people to go to the restaurant for TV tapings?

This is all part of this series 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Gordon seems to have just finished up at Caneda's White Rooster on Fischer Blvd. in Toms River.

For details on this latest gossip CLICK HERE!

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And send us your Gordon Ramsay-sighting photos!

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