Yesterday we told you how this 12-year old Ocean County girl who is fighting cancer had one wish: to meet Gordon Ramsay. Turns out wishes really do come true!

To read the full story of Kallista, the cancer she has been fighting, and to make a donation to help her family cope with the medical bills, CLICK HERE.

But the bottom line is that watching Gordon's Ramsay's cooking shows is what got Kallista through over a year of brutal cancer treatments for Leukemia. She still has another year of treatments left.

Her father, as any parent would do to have something great happen for his beloved daughter, reached out over social media to tell us all how much it would mean to Kallista if she got to meet Gordon Ramsay while he's in town taping an episode of his show in Toms River.

You have to check out this video because it will melt your heart to see how Gordon found out about Kallista and went to her school to surprise her when she walked out of music class.

And, as if that wasn't enough...Gordon then donated over $10,000 to her GoFundMe so that the family could reach their goal.

Kallista came on our morning today show to tell us that not only is Gordon really tall (and smells nice!) but that she got at least 25 hugs from him :)   If you weren't a fan of Gordon Ramsay's yet, I hope you are now!

He plans to cook her dinner one day soon. Sigh. Thank you SO much, Gordon Ramsay. What a sweetheart!!!

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