If Jersey Shore towns are looking to scare away business, this is the way to do it.

One town is very seriously considering DOUBLING the cost for parking along their beaches and boardwalks.

So which town is looking to hike up their parking prices? I am sending multiple thumbs down to Belmar!

The beachfront parking is currently $1 per hour and now because the town is not meeting parking fund goals, there is a serious chance the cost could raise to $2 per hour.

The town attempted to raise the prices back in April but it was considered illegal.

If the prices stay as is, there will be a, "parking budget shortfall of nearly 40 percent," so the town is looking into increasing prices without violating any court orders.

Public officials still have to meet to discuss but I must say, whenever a topic like this repeatedly comes up, it is never good for us.

Take a look at the original article at News12.com.

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