New Jersey residents may be "used to" to hearing about price increases in the Garden State but that does not mean that we are not O V E R I T.

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This price increases has to do with the parking passes fees at Sandy Hook for the Gateway National Recreational Area for the 2021 Summer season.

“We are committed to keeping the park affordable while providing visitors with the best possible experience,” Gateway Superintendent Jen Nersesian said in the prepared statement. “The money from the parking fees will help improve our visitor facilities and services.”

Now I am rolling my eyes just like you are but something to keep in mind is that this area of Sandy Hook has not seen a price increase in 8 years so maybe I should pull back on my attitude....JUUUUUST a tad.

The current prices are as follows:

Cars: $15.00 per day; $75.00 for the season

Oversized Cars: $30.00 per day; $150.00 for the season

The price increases being proposed are as follows:

Cars: $20.00 per day; $100.00 for the season

Oversized Cars: $50.00 per day; $200.00 for the season

Now I know at first glance, these seem to be some pretty hefty price increases which can be a painful realization. I get it.

But the good news is that a majority of the money you spend on parking will be put right back into the upkeep of the park. This means that the money you are spending is technically on yourself and others who enjoy the park.

"Eighty percent of the money raised from parking fees stays within the park, and the additional revenues will be used to improve the condition of visitor facilities and help cover the increase in cost for services such as lifeguards," according to a notice on the NPS' website. "The parking fee is only charged at Sandy Hook ... from the Saturday before Memorial Day through Labor Day."

AND more piece of good news. The non-beach serves at Gateway -- ie. the Sandy Hook Lighthouse and the historic Fort Hancock area will remain free. YIPPEEE.

This price increase is not finalized. The advisory board is looking for feedback from the public and will accept it until October 16th. Then a final decision will be made.

Once we know the advisory board's final decision...we will let you know.

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